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Welcome to Marseille
Welcome to Marseille ® : The Concept

Marseille is a vibrant city : the heart beat of southern France. As France’s second largest city and elected as European Capital of Culture 2013, Marseille benefits from world class arts, beautiful historic and modern sites, fantastic shopping and, of course, world-famous gastronomy. Since the arrival of the Greeks from Asia Minor over 2600 years ago Marseille has been the gateway for international trade between Europe and Africa. Consequently it has always been a migrant city and today its population encompasses a unique cultural mix of people, from Europeans to those of North African origin. It is a multiracial and a multicultural city. It is real, exotic, lively and exciting.

In the past, Marseille has been criticised for the lack of basic travel information available to those who have a limited understanding of French. Having identified this gap in the ‘tourist concept’, Tea Time Training is at the forefront of a movement to reverse this image by providing “insider” information of city life to an English-speaking public. We have developed an innovative and educational tool: The Welcome To Marseille Board game .

Welcome to Marseille : The Logo.

Tea Time Training works in partnership with various local shops, restaurants etc. Our objective is to facilitate and positively enhance a tourist’s experience of the City. Businesses involved in the scheme guarantee that either they offer a written explanation of their services in English or that they have members of staff who speak English. Our sign is placed in their shop window to let customers know where they can receive an English-speaking welcome. (this action will start in January 2010)

Welcome to Marseille : The Game

“Welcome to Marseille : The Game, get your feet wet” is an entertaining board game for two to four players. Players take turns to throw the die and move around the board, which is illustrated with eye-catching graphics of key landmarks and places of interest. At each turn players pick up a card and answer a multiple-choice question relating to a particular neighbourhood, “arrondissement” or section (Leisure, gastronomy, Shopping,culture). So players gradually discover facts and snippets of advice about the City. There are suggestions on where to go, what to see and do, and how to get about using public transport. But beware! There are a few surprises and you may get caught out…

The game provides an amusing, innovative and fun way to help visitors quickly gain an overview of Marseille. It encourages them to “get their feet wet” : to go out into the city and explore whilst feeling safe and confident to do so. We are investigating a possible virtual version of the game for use on PCs.

The Game can be adapted for the business market, for example, as a team-building exercise. It will be priced at approximately 18.50€.

Once a month, on a Saturday afternoon, Tea Time Training will open its doors to tourists and locals alike to come and play the game together : a convivial way to get to know Marseille.

Tea Time Training is a not-for-profit organisation created by a local “Marseillaise” with 20 years’ experience of living in this city. Our mission is two-fold : to help French people improve their self-confidence in speaking English; and to improve the welcome given to English and American tourists visiting the city. Tea Time Training endeavours to gain a better understanding of the needs and desires of visitors to the city with the aim of improving our services and products, thus increasing the “Welcome to Marseille experience” for future English-speaking visitors.



Quelques éléments du jeu
(some pieces of the game)


Welcome to Marseille
La Vieille Charité

Welcome to Marseille
Le Fort St Jean

Welcome to Marseille

Plages du Prado


Welcome to Marseille

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